It’s a Double For Drake, of Denim That Is

Let’s have it right, 2015 Drake wouldn’t have been seen dead in double denim. Vintage Stone Island Denim maybe, but 2015 Champagne Papi clad in 21oz heavyweight indigo selvedge denim spitting Energy? Absolutely not.

Obviously, 2022 Drake is a different beast, both stylistically and musically as it happens.

When the Canadian rapper shock-dropped Honestly Nevermind earlier this year, the internet compared it to that of a Zara changing room soundtrack, which is never a great look, and a far cry from previous releases (Hotline Bling, I’m looking at you).

Style-wise Drake has undoubtedly evolved too. Back in those halcyon If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late days, the only double on the cards for young Aubrey would’ve been a big boy Hennessy and no less than two Stone Island badges at any one time.

Now Drake’s double is that of the denim kind paired with Diemme’s Roccia Vet boots, or it seems as so as he headed for dinner at New York’s Cipriani restaurant after attending the Amsterdam premiere after party at Zero Bond, sporting a similar rig to Rihanna at NYFW.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against double denim (aside from its weight, the way it looks, and usually the smell of dry tobacco that comes with it), but Drake doing the double dirty? Who’d have thunk it?

Maybe this is a new-look Drake thing, a more mature Drake to what we’re used to. Swapping out cargos, Stone Island badges, and a tonne of his own merch for a more traditional-feeling workwear look, akin to the recent AMBUSH x Levi’s drop that might all be a part of something a bit bigger.

Whatever it is and whatever game he’s playing, I wish him well. After all, who the hell am I to judge?

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