Loewe’s Truffle-Scented Fragrance Has Our Mouths Watering


Loewe’s fragrance range, Botanical Rainbow, just welcomed a new shade: Earth.

Concocted by perfumer Nuria Cruelles, the scent is inspired by “the elements that connect nature and life above and below the earth.” Bottling this ecosystem, Loewe put its ear (or rather, nose) to the ground and selected truffle — the luxurious, underground-growing mushroom — as Earth’s highlighted note.

Per Cruelles, the fragrance, available at Loewe’s website, is composed in a “spherical structure, representing the connection of all its ingredients.”

Top notes of mimosa, violet, and amber are followed by a heart of musk and pear. Grounding the scent are two base notes: elemi, a spicy resin, and of course, truffle — “the icing on the cake,” as Cruelle put it.

To debut the rich fragrance, Loewe recruited British singer-songwriter Ama Lou. A campaign shot by Tyler Mitchell (who recently made his runway debut at Marni) stars the musician alongside the faces of fellow Botanical Rainbow fragrances: Jeanne Cadieu for Solo and Miguel Harrán for Esencia.

According to Cruelles, Loewe’s rainbow of scents can be layered for a customized experience.

“When it comes to choosing a fragrance or a combination of fragrances, there are no rules,” she said, listing two of of her favorite pairings. “Combining Solo with Earth will result in a more quality fragrance. When combining Earth with Esencia, you will have something more intimate with spicy notes.”

With Earth, Loewe serves up an olfactive delicacy. If you see the waiter, I’ll take 10.

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