Slam Jam & Vibram Just Made Your New Favorite Boots

julia fox

As the Fall/Winter season rolls around, it’s normal to start looking at your footwear rotation a little differently. We’re all guilty of clinging to our lightly colored suedes a little too far into the reaches of fall, but if you want to preserve your favorites and ensure your feet are kept comfy and dry throughout the most inclement of conditions.

These are the moments in which we may feel inclined to switch out those low-cut sneakers for a pair of boots or perhaps settle for something that sits somewhere in the middle.

I’ve definitely become accustomed to cracking out my Carhartt WIP x Salomon Shelter CSWP Boots as soon as the weather gets a little cold or frosty – a lot of that certainly comes down to the finer details, including its Vibram sole.

If anything in this life can be trusted, it’s Vibram. Time and time again, its technology performs to the highest of standards with impeccable comfort, making it the perfect partner for any foray into footwear, such as that of Slam Jam.

In perfect timing for fall’s arrival, Slam Jam has decided to expand its (UN)CORPORATE UNIFORMS offering to include footwear in the form of the Vibram-equipped LB214.

Crafted with close attention to detail and materials, the resulting silhouette is water resistant and soft to the touch while boasting a Vibram StratX rubber sheet, lightweight, Vibram Megagrip, and Vibram Litebase for 360 degree performance, comfort, grip, and protection.

The LB214 is already available to shop online at Slam Jam in a stealthy black finish – whether or not further colorways will become available further down the hybrid creation’s lifeline is yet to be seen, but you can’t go wrong with this Batman-certified banger.

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