Pete Davidson, Fast-Fashion’s Red Carpet King

If anyone’s life is defined by their relationships, it may as well be Pete Davidson. The former Saturday Night Live cast member has been involved with a host of famous women, from Ariana Grande to Kim Kardashian, and it’s quite appropriate that the plot of his next theatrical work hinges upon his dating life, albeit a fictionalized version that involves Kaley Cuoco.

At the premiere for Meet Cute, the Peacock-exclusive film in which Cuoco uses a time machine to eventually go on the perfect date with Davidson, nearly everyone dressed to the nines.

Co-stars Cuoco, Evan Jonigkeit and Zosia Mamet all wore typically fancy red carpet fare, including sparkly blazers, suit vests, collared shirts, and slacks. Davidson, however, either did not get the memo or, more likely, willfully ignored it.

This is classic Pete Davidson, of course: he famously wore Vans sneakers to the White House and Dickies to the Emmy Awards. He’s rarely spotted wearing anything fancier than a streetwear hoodie — the fact that Pete Davidson owned a little Goyard bag was wild enough to draw headlines.

So, it wasn’t exactly shocking to see Davidson at the Meet Cute premiere on September 20 wearing an H&M hoodie and sweatpants while his actor pals were all zhooshed-up.

Davidson even wore ASICS sneakers — seemingly his favorite footwear brand as of late — and kept his too-cool-for-you sunglasses on, as if to say that he simply couldn’t be bothered to care.

These glasses are sort of a Davidson signature as of late, as he also wore a pretty next-level pair at the 2022 Emmys.

I’m all for the easing of typically austere dress codes, in fairness, so no hate from me.

Plus, though I’m normally quite opposed to fast-fashion, it makes sense that Pete Davidson, bonafide H&M model, wouldn’t just show up in affordable clothes but would show up in affordable clothes from the brand that probably paid him to wear its affordable clothes.

It doesn’t look like he’s making any effort to shake that “scumbro” style label but why would he? That’s basically been Davidson’s brand since the jump.

There’s also something to say that, while Davidson’s longtime antagonist, Kanye West, is undergoing a fight over his own hoodies and sneakers, Davidson is content to wear the most basic of basics, straight from H&M’s racks.

Certainly, dressing like Pete Davidson is more attainable than attempting to imitate Kanye’s outfits: all it takes are some cheap sweats or some Dickies and some pretty spiffy sunglasses.

Hopefully, Davidson keeps this streak alive and continues wearing comparably “cheap” clothing to future red carpets — it’s a nice change from all the expensive looks we normally see.

If anything, it’s a reflection of Davidson’s “aw shucks” charm: you know you’re not getting any put-ons from the guy who’s wearing H&M to the red carpet.

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