The Wild Nike Air Foamposite Ones of Old are Returning

julia fox

Comebacks are somewhat of a backbone of the modern sneaker industry. While retro rereleases have always been a center point of Nike’s strategy where Michael Jordan’s flagship Air Jordan line-up is concerned, it’s remained far more sporadic for the likes of Air Max and lesser-known sneaker families.

Typically, Nike does its flight tests for the return of niche silhouettes via its third-party collaborations. We’ve seen it countless times, often through Supreme, where late 90s and early 2000s silhouettes are dragged back to the surface.

Resonating with the Y2K-obsessed aesthetics of Gen-Z (yeah, myself included), these silhouettes have seen huge success, pushing the Swoosh further with its flighting. I mean, look at CDG’s work on the Air Max Sunder – you’d best believe that the sneaker will be getting a big comeback of its own soon.

CDG is given free rein to do as it pleases with Nike’s archival sneaker arsenal, and thanks to the success of its monochromatic remixes, it’s allowed the Swoosh to catch an easy stride with its throwbacks.

Last year, Comme thrust the Air Foamposite One back into the spotlight. Considered one of Nike’s most unorthodox silhouettes, this sneaker wouldn’t exactly be considered an easy way, thanks to its unique molded upper and typically obtuse colorways.

During the early 2010s, some of its wildest and whackiest colorways fetched the biggest prices on the secondary market. With metallic finishes, “Galaxy,” and more, the Foamposite stood as Nike’s biggest statement.

Fast forward to now, and those bold finishes that made the sneaker such a hit-or-miss are making a comeback, thanks to the graphic “Dream A World” iteration and the returning “Mettalic Red.”

Although the year is coming to a close, it looks like Nike has big plans for the Air Foamposite One, so keep your eyes peeled for more weird, wild, and downright whacky colorways.

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