Shop the Snack Aisle in 7-Eleven’s Mega Crocs

julia fox

Let’s get this out there nice and early: Crocs x 7-Eleven bangs.

Forget Balenciaga, Palace, and Salehe, because they’re now irrelevant. Permanently erase them from your memory and leave room only for 7-Eleven x Crocs, because they’re all that matters now. Period.

7-Eleven kicked things off earlier this week by taking a swing at Crocs’ gigantic Mega Crush silhouette, dipping it into a pool of its signature colors and equipping it with a handful of exclusive Jibbitz for good measure.

As expected, it sold-out almost immediately following through the medium of raffle, but, rest assured, there’s plenty more in the pipeline.

Set to land online on November 7 (7-Eleven, get it?), the kings of convenience are readying three more Crocs of their own.

First up is another Mega Crush in an alternate green ensemble, which will be landing alongside a classic clog and sandal, each of which adorn the same exclusive Jibbitz as the initial release.

For Crocs, its 7-Eleven hook-up is the latest in a string of collaborations throughout 2022. From recent releases with Jeff Staple, Awake NY, and Carrots, to the likes of Balenciaga and Rapha, it’s been a busy year for the rubber footwear aficionados.

With a few months of the year remaining, there’s likely to be plenty more from Crocs between now and 2023. That being said, they’re going to have to go some way to beating what it’s done with 7-Eleven, that’s for sure. Bangers.

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