The Glow Up: Julia Fox Is Over Creams & Serums

You might expect Julia Fox, the woman whose heavy eye makeup sparked a full-blown beauty revolution, to boast a makeup bag of epic proportions. But off-camera, the actor, guerrilla style icon, and Highsnobiety cover star keeps things surprisingly low-key.

In spite of what her black eyeshadow and eyebrow bleach suggest, Fox’s beauty arsenal is a hodgepodge of high-tech treatments and uncomplicated staples.

Instead of perfume, she uses lavender deodorant. “I believe that people are more attractive when they carry their natural scent and I have found that other people feel the same,” she said.

She showers in the morning — “By nighttime I’m so exhausted that I couldn’t care less, to be honest.”

And at 32 years old, she’s learned that emotional wellness trumps vanity. “Today, self-care is just taking a pause and checking in with myself, asking myself how I’m feeling instead of suppressing,” the Uncut Gems heroine said.

Despite her down-to-earth outlook, Fox understands the assignment. “This is a beauty feature, so I’m going to tell you to get the Pure Lift Face from Face Gym or the ZIIP machine,” she disclosed. “I use those once a week but I would do it every day if I had time.”

Hot off her Highsnobiety cover shoot, an exercise in the art of shameless self promotion, Fox shared the rest of her routine.

First-ever beauty purchase

Julia Fox: I think you meant to ask what the first beauty product I ever stole was. And that would be Revlon shimmer cream eyeshadow palette from Rite Aid at age 11.

Biggest splurge

JF: Tattoo removal. I have been getting tattoos since middle school, so as you can imagine I have had quite an extensive tattoo removal process which has spanned over a decade or more. In the beginning I used to get ripped off, but now I have a guy in Brooklyn.

Drugstore favorite

JF: Press-on French tips.

Holy grail

JF: Egyptian Magic. If I want a complete skin reset and look 10 years younger overnight, I slather Egyptian Magic on my skin generously and go to sleep. When I wake up the next morning my skin is as soft and fresh as a baby’s butt.

Favorite under-the-radar beauty brand

JF: Heaux Cosmetics!

Beauty hot tip

JF: Don’t waste your time on creams and serums. Go get the lasers; the lasers are the future. My personal fave is the Morpheus 8 but it really hurts so ask for numbing cream!

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