The Iconic Rolex Daytona, Partying with Julia Fox, 70 Years of Moncler

It’s the weekend, baby!

I don’t know about you, but I’m sat here scratching my head, wondering where the week’s gone. Well, that’s a consequence of the whirlwind that is Fashion Month. With summer officially coming to a close, complete with temperature dips and bulky outerwear, fashion does what it does best – wishes away the season. It’s all eyes on Spring/Summer 2023 as London and Milan’s Fashion Weeks stepped into the spotlight, booting some of the industry’s favorites into the spotlight.

Everyone came with their A-game – Prada offered a masterclass in understated elegance, JW Anderson flexed its QWERTY skills, Chopova Lowena took us to skirt heaven, Kim Jones saluted Karl Largerfield through Fendi, and Ancuta Sarca re-booted Nike.

Another busy week on Fashion island, hey? While you take a short but deserved breath ahead of Paris, there’s plenty more to catch up on…

Amidst the ongoing drama that plagues YEEZY GAP, Ye joined the buzz of Tik-Tok while the second round of YEEZY GAP Engineered by Balenciaga touched down. In other celebrity news, Robert Pattinson curated an art auction, Donald Glover cracked out the short shorts, Brad Pitt quietly snuck into skincare, and Pete Davidson served H&M.

There’s been plenty happening in the sneaker world, from Nike Air Jordans 1 to “Sketch” Air Max 95s, more New Balance 990v3s from Teddy Santis, alternate takes on the 9060 silhouette, CDG Vans, UNDERCOVER Air Force 1s, ON’s cleanest sneaker yet, and Palace linked up with New Balance for a collaboration void of 99xs – who’d have thought it!?

Now, I’m sure that’s enough to keep you busy until Monday – see you in Paris?

The Rolex Daytona is Not Just a Hype Watch: It’s an Icon

“If you Google the most famous Rolex watch of all time, you will most likely be given one of two answers: the Submariner or the Daytona. Something tells me, however, that in a post-pandemic world – where following watch Instagram accounts is de rigueur, and “speaking Rolex” has moved well beyond athletes and Wall St types – that the Daytona would safely claim the throne of watch infamy.”

All Things Julia Fox at Highsnobiety’s Milan Fashion Week Party

“Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023 can be described in two words: Julia Fox. The 32-year-old actress, model, and sudden superstar is as headline-worthy as the fashion shows she’s been attending and, thus, our party in her honor is itself a big deal.”

Luxury is the New Standard for Chained & Able

“Stepping into the fashion industry, or any industry for that matter is undoubtedly a daunting task. As you prepare to take the plunge, a whirlpool of uncertainty awaits your first mistakes – and what of the challenge of overcoming detractors within your social circles, or worse yet, within yourself?”

Studying 70 Years of Moncler with Remo Ruffini

“On the music database, “Moncler” has 983 matches in lyrics. Two tracks by 21 Savage, Bank Account and ball w/o u, are among the most popular entries, with 2.8 million and 972.5k views respectively. In song titles, “Moncler” shows up in 163 entries, with Juice WRLD’s Purple Moncler topping the list with 143k searches. As the chorus of the track unfolds on “Walking ’round Atlanta in a purple Moncler,” a Reddit loophole brings to life a thread dedicated to the rapper’s go-to puffer jacket: In a screenshot from his now-deleted Instagram profile, Juice is wearing a Moncler Men’s 2 1952 Purple Down Lorent Vest, with the caption reading, “@moncler SPONSER ME PLS.””

Afrobeats Has Gotten its Flowers, Now What?

“Afrobeats has a narrative problem. For years, the story of the genre – and every African artist within it – has revolved around the golden ticket of crossing over from the fringes into global mainstream music. Afrobeats’ recent explosion has only served to anchor this anecdote that many artists also follow in their music: beat the odds, make it to riches, fame, and Western approval. But what if that’s already happened?”

Carl Jones Wants to Create the Next Pixar Using the Web 3.0 Community and NFTs

““Sometimes you get so many voices in a room telling you what to do that you can lose your own voice. It’s not uncommon for a TV network to want to reach or market to a specific demographic. This can pull away from the authenticity of a project — and this ‘inauthenticity’ does not have a place in our current cultural space.””

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