5 of the Best MSCHF Releases to Cop Today

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The world of fashion and sneakers can definitely be accused of lacking a bit of mischief. A hierarchy of brands and colorways, some lauded and some derided for reasons many can’t even explain. Perhaps it’s this sense of seriousness that inspired MSCHF to start causing some mischief.

Founded in 2016, MSCHF is an art collective based in Brooklyn, New York which likely holds the record for most Cease & Desist orders received by one entity in just six years of life. Whether the collective is designing browser plugins, Nike replicas with air units filled with blood, or collaborating with Jimmy Fallon, it’s never far from a bout of controversy.

Riffing off well-known designs, MSCHF has uncovered a formula not only for virality but also for creating products that are actually wearable and collectible. The collective treads the line between commerciality and artistic performance with finesse, never settling for one or the other. Past that, we’re consistently impressed by MSCHF’s ability to actually make us laugh with each release — an ability that’s all too rare in fashion nowadays.

For the uninitiated, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite drops from MSCHF over the past few years below. Whether you’ve already got a collection or you’re looking to start yours, StockX is the best place to begin.

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Blur Monopoly Edition Figure Set

One of the most collectible releases from MSCHF yet has undoubtedly been the Blur Stack. The classic Monopoly notes that everybody knows get a pixelated, blurred new look. This collection sold out quickly when it was released in July for $145.

Wholesale Hat

Wholesale Hat

It’s not so much the hat itself that gave signature MSCHF energy, but the way that it was sold. 1000 hats were produced and the deal was that one person had to buy all 1000 of them at the bulk rate of $8000. Luckily, you can now secure a single hat for yourself.


Starburst (Not Fit For Human Consumption)

2021 saw MSCHF install a large black vending machine in a surprise location. The machine was filled with convenience store classics, all of which were rebranded with MSCHF logos. MSCHFBURST is our favorite.



Few MSCHF releases have built as much hype as the Gobstomper. This original sneaker was made in partnership with Jimmy Fallon. Composed of many colored layers, the sneaker reveals more of its interior the more it’s beaten. This pair is the antithesis to most collectible sneakers in 2022 which are kept on ice like valuable relics.

Super Normal

Super Normal

Nike didn’t like this one. It’s no surprise, seeing as it’s essentially an Air Force 1 on psychedelics. Melting panels nod to the iconic silhouette while offering up a Dalí-esque take on the staple white sneaker.

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