Christie’s Department X Will Feature Streetwear Grails

After taking a look through the Rolodex of iconic street-style moments, it’s safe to assume that the movement will never die down or be forgotten. Now, beloved signifiers of the cultural zeitgeist are guaranteed to live on forever with the launch of Christie’s Department X – Streetwear, Sneakers & Collectibles.

Department X cements the legitimacy of an entire generation of fashion. Dedicated to auctions and private sales of sneakers, streetwear, and sports collectibles, Department X will bring forward the best in the category while also encouraging an entire generation to step into the world of auction.

It was only last year that we held a panel discussion with Christie’s on the idea of “new luxury” where guests were encouraged to rethink the idea’s modern meaning within our shared cultural space. Attendees even played a game of “Is This Luxury?” which helped further guide the developing thoughts around its meaning. Fast-forward and now Christie’s is applying this exact conversation to its own company with Department X.

As fans and cultivators of all subjects that Christie’s Department X specializes in, we felt it was only fitting for Highsnobiety to join in on the launch. To commemorate the new initiative, we teamed up with Christie’s Department X to launch an upcoming merch collection – handling gloves included.

Head of Marketing Neda Whitney adds of the collaboration, “Highsnobiety has always been a brand that I’ve long admired for its innovation and ability to consistently be a part of the cultural conversation. In launching Department X, that’s exactly where we wanted to be and where our next generation of clients was as well. Christie’s is a brand that has been evolving since its inception in 1766 and this partnership is a great example of our willingness to adapt to the changing wants and needs of our client base.”

Stay tuned for more details coming soon on Highsnobiety x Christie’s Department X.

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