OUR LEGACY WORK SHOP Dickies Is Workwear at Its Finest

I’ve come to the conclusion that virtually anything OUR LEGACY WORK SHOP touches immediately turns to gold – not literally, of course.

Actually, its garments are quite the opposite of golden; more traditionalism crafted to perfection.

Before getting into it: I’m well aware that me saying “OUR LEGACY WORK SHOP IS GOOD” is hardly ground-breaking, nor is it a hot take, I’m just someone who thinks it’s always worth reiterating greatness, especially when it happens so consistently.

This year alone the sub-line of OUR LEGACY has released collections with the likes of Stüssy, Satisfy, and Denim Tears, all of which have hit pretty hard.

For its latest collection, WORK SHOP has tapped American workwear aficionados Dickies, for a colorful capsule which lands on OUR LEGACY on September 29 – and, talking of consistency: it also its hard (shock).

Loyalists of the American label will likely be able to hazard a guess to the garmentsWORK SHOP is reworking this season, but for the uninitiated – or those who simply haven’t worked it out from the imagery – it involves the Eisenhower Jacket and the 874 Original Fit Work Pant, of course.

The jackets are WORK SHOP tonal embroidered and overdyed in soft tones, while the 874 pants have been given the same dyeing treatment – a treatment that means every piece within the collection is unique.

“We are excited to get to create our version of such evergreen styles like the Eisenhower Jacket and the 874 pant,” said OUR LEGACY co-founder and WORK SHOP creative director Jockum Hallin.

“Our take is cut and sewn in a recycled fabric, WORK SHOP over-dyed to get a soft palette and a perfectly worn hand.”

Nowadays, it’s often the case that collaborations can come across either forced or kinda unneeded, yet when it comes to WORK SHOP and Dickies, that couldn’t be further from the case. In truth, this is what real collaborations are all about. It’s art and I need it, desperately.

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