Do Not Eat Julia Fox’s Spaghetti Limone

julia fox

Julia Fox is winning at TikTok. After going viral for her unsolicited parenting advice and Lana Del Rey singalongs, Highsnobiety’s #Unbothered cover star has devised a new way to use the app: to flex her improv skills.

In a series I’ll call the Julia Fox Acting Challenge, the Uncut Gems muse acts out a series of follower-generated scenarios — “For example, you caught you husband cheating on you with a man; you won the lottery and some bum stole your fucking winning ticket,” she suggests in a video inviting fans to participate.

Among the prompts Fox received, four made the cut: “You find out your older sister is actually your mom,” “You come home after work and find your best [friend] stealing your clothes, but she’s also crying? What do you do?”, “[It’s an] apocalypse and you are trying to find shelter. You find a home and you have to persuade the people to let you in,” and finally, “Your estranged husband ate the leftovers you were looking forward to eating after a long day at work.”

(Estranged husband aside, we’ve all been there.)

Fox puts her back into all four challenges, but her rendition of the final prompt really struck fear in my heart. “Hey, um, by any chance did you move my spaghetti limone?” Fox begins, a soundbite destined for TikTok virality. She quickly spirals into bombastic rage upon learning of her husband’s unrestrained appetite: “You really have no fucking respect for me at all… You’re really a fucking good for nothing, you know that,” she snarls.

Actually Oscar-worthy.

Fox is a divisive figure, but it’s undeniable: she always understands the assignment, and she always delivers. Whether you like what she delivers is up to you.

Now, I’ll take five spaghetti limones and a dozen more Julia Fox Acting Challenges to go.


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