Could This Be Travis Scott’s Final Air Jordan 1 Low?

Now that Travis Scott’s Nike release schedule has settled back into somewhat of a routine, fans have been given plenty to look forward to. In true sneaker industry style, you might just be left stumbling to keep up with, let alone actually get hands (and feet) on the pairs that have received an official announcement.

As is standard with anything touching down via the Cactus Jack pipeline, before anything is officially announced, complete with release details and images, the rumor mill must spin into action.

On this occasion, rumors concerning the latest edition of Travis’ Nike Air Jordan 1 Lows is that the next pair in line could well be the final version of the silhouette.

While this should be taken with a large grain of salt until shared by Nike or Scott themselves, given how many colorways have been released in the past year, it makes perfect sense.

Set to touch down following the arrival of the “Black/Phantom” pair, this “Olive” finish, while pleasant on the eye, adds little newness to the existing catalog. What it does, is throw a touch of olive green onto a monochrome palette that we’ve already seen produced by the pair.

Regardless of the minimal design work that’s gone into this pair’s palette, have no doubts that fans will take to their usual frenzy when they land – for now, that’s not expected until 2023.

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