Louis Vuitton Said Let It Snow

In the words of Frank Sinatra, “let it snow, let is snow, let it snow” … so that Louis Vuitton heads can get some cold weather ‘fits off.

Louis Vuitton’s Pre-Spring 2023 collection epitomizes that ethos with some ski-meets-streetwear attire, as ideated by its late creative director Virgil Abloh.

Appropriately named “Snow,” the French maison’s pre-collection consists of alpine-worthy silhouettes ranging from branded ski goggles to LV-reinterpreted fair isle tracksuits.

An LV padded monogram motif leads the collection, appearing on outerwear and handbag offerings like backpacks and the famed Keepall.

Naturally, snow accessories through a Louis Vuitton lens are ice cold (in a good way), materializing as LV trapper hats, thick fair isle-patterned gloves, and clean ski boots crafted in partnership with IRL ski gear aficionados.

Though LV Pre-Spring 2023 preps for that last leg of winter before the warmer weather and pollen creep in, it also serves as a further ode to Abloh’s life and legacy, particularly his love for snowboarding.

In fact, it was one of the last collections that Abloh ideated for LV prior to his passing, though he didn’t actually design any of the clothes.

Since he was a teen, Virgil Abloh enjoyed hitting the slope, emphasizing his love for the sport through various creative projects with partners like Burton and Russell Winfield, a pro snowboarder whom Abloh befriended towards the end of his life.

Thus, Louis Vuitton’s Pre-Spring 2023 menswear collection blends two worlds, uniting both Abloh’s passion for snowboarding and his personal design ethos.

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