Off-White™ Disrupts AC Milan’s Off-Pitch Style (In a Good Way)

AC Milan’ fits looked quite different (extra stylish, even) on October 4 as the team made its way to London for the UEFA Champions League against Chelsea. It’s because the Italian football club’s new uniforms were courtesy of Virgil Abloh’s Off-White™.

The team’s pre-pitch ‘fits — cream AC Milan x Off-White™ varsity jackets reminiscent of Abloh’s Louis Vuitton collegiate outerwear — essentially confirmed Off-White™ and AC Milan’s new partnership, in which the luxury streetwear brand serves as the team’s Style and Culture Curator.

Maybe the jackets didn’t scream partnership enough. In that case, there’s always AC Milan’s new team bus, which sports oversized Off-White™ and AC Milan’s branding along with the words “Players Inside” in Virgil Abloh’s signature quoted typeface.

As the Style and Culture Curator, Off-White™ will outfit AC Milan men’s and women’s teams during match days, with the varsity jacket ‘fits posing as an appetizer of what’s to come.

In tandem with the pair’s stylish announcement, Off-White™ and AC Milan also teased new team suits with embroidered red patches on the sleeves that read “I support sport for change” — realizing the duo’s motto, “WEAR YOUR HEART ON YOUR SLEEVE,” which encourages players and fans to speak up for their ideals and change.

Undoubtedly a classic display of Off-White™’s disruptive ethos, the patch also plays on Abloh’s “I Support” initiatives and narratives like “I Support Black Women” and “I Support All Forms of Love” in support of Black women activists and the LGBTQIA+ community.

AC Milan and Off-White™’s partnership spans far beyond the world of clothes. Practicing the common ideals they preach regally, the two will also host charitable projects and support community initiatives like AC Milan’s foundation Fondazione Milan.

With PUMA holding it down on the pitch and Off-White™ dictating pregame wardrobe, AC Milan has a pretty solid fashion dream team on its hands.

So, what can we expect from Off-White™ and AC Milan moving forward? I suspect zip-ties, arrows, and more quoted phrases will make their way into AC Milan’s ‘fits.

I’m just guessing, of course. But, here’s a hint from AC Milan and Off-White™: “Expect the unexpected.”

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