Levi’s Are For Your Feet Too, Who Knew?

Contrary to popular belief, Levi’s isn’t just denim. Sure it’s renowned for its jeans and jackets, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that’s all they do. Oh no.

Back in 1975 (bear with me), Levi’s took its first foray into the world of footwear when it launched a twelve-piece collection titled Levi’s for Feet, an offering the brand at the time described as being “styled for a young, rugged, casual look.”

Almost fifty years on – and recognising the ongoing influence the 1970s and 80s is having on contemporary fashion – the American label has relaunched Levi’s for Feet this season, with exactly the same mantra.

“For us it felt like the perfect time to revisit the collection and tell the story of Levis For Feet to a new generation,” Lee Anderson, Levi’s Senior Global Footwear Merchandiser, tells Highsnobiety.

“Sneakers have been dominant for so long now, and people are looking for other footwear options, not least ones that are a true classic and will last them for many years.”

While the new-look Levi’s for Feet didn’t officially launch online until today, Anderson explained that the process had been a long time coming, and that the collection’s motif could ring bells for fans of some of its recent partnerships.

“We’ve been actually quietly building a footwear business for the past few seasons,” he said. “You may have seen the Levis For Feet branding being used on some of our collaborations with brands like New Balance and Clarks Originals. This hasn’t been an overnight thing.”

When it comes to the footwear itself, styles are as expected: clean, casual, and timeless. Featuring two of the twelve styles from the original collection (both of which have been updated with premium materials), this season also sees the launch of a host of new models, which will be added to in coming seasons.

One of the most popular silhouettes from the original 1970s collection was the Raven, a mid-ankle shoe with a gum rubber sole, that’s relaunching this season under a new guise: the RVN 75.

“We searched the globe looking for the original Raven and managed to find a pair in a thrift store in Los Angeles,” he said. “We’ve made some minor tweaks from the original – like dropping the outsole height to give it a more contemporary flavor – but nothing too drastic. It was just the perfect shoe.”

Alongside the RVN 75, Levi’s for Feet also comprises the RVN 75 Low, a more streamline take on the original silhouette which arrives in three colors of tan, chocolate, off-white, and tumbled or vegetable tanned full grain leather.

Despite the market being arguably at its most congested, Anderson is adamant Levi’s for Feet can carve a place in today’s game and become a major player in footwear, as well as apparel, in seasons to come.

“There’s so much to play with in terms of inspiration from our archives,” he continued. “It’s an exciting time in the Levis Footwear team with a roadmap for the future that includes reworks, new designs, and collaborations.”

“The goal of the brand is to become a leading lifestyle brand and these shoes we hope will become the perfect accompaniment to a pair of jeans. We want to make Footwear a compelling part of the Levis brand and we now have a way to make that happen using the archive we are building.”

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