Prada’s Reactive Collection, From Weather-Sensitive Nylon to New Kicks

We all know it: Prada brings together the opulent and the technical like no other luxury label. Not many of its peers are making skiwear you can actually shred or sportswear for sailors.

Prada’s Reactive collection isn’t quite as functional as that stuff but it does have purpose and some next-level textiles to boot.

Exclusively debuted by luxury British retailer Selfridges, Prada’s Reactive line is, uh, reactive. The idea is that these deceivingly simple-looking puffers, jackets, and vests look like plain Prada layering pieces at first but, when the temperature dips or the sky lets loose some rain, hidden graphic details are revealed.

Revolutionary? Hardly, but who’s complaining? The last thing anyone needs is overwrought Re-Nylon and Prada knows to let its signature recycled textile speak for itself.

And if that ain’t enough, look to the rare yellow versions of classic cold-weather Prada layering pieces if you really need to up the ante.

The Reactive collection also includes a couple new editions of Prada’s Collision Cross sneaker, which sport gradient prints atop their rubber-injected uppers.

Though these shoes have been around for a while — most recently as part of Prada Linea Rossa — the Collision Cross has yet to receive the same kind of push as Prada’s Cloudbust and America’s Cup. Perhaps this is a sign of things to come.

You can get the current iterations of the Prada Collision Course kicks for $1,170 apiece on Prada’s website and in-store but these colorful versions aren’t seeing wider release just yet.

They were, however, spotted on the runway as part of Prada’s Spring/Summer 2023 menswear collection, hinting at these kicks possibly being a bigger part of the Italian luxury label’s seasonal push come next season.

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