TGIH (Thank God It’s Halloween): Pleasures & Crocs’ Skele Clogs Are Back

Right now, it’s the best time of year. Seasons are changing — goodbye and good riddance, summer! — temperatures are dropping, leaves are falling, and Halloween is nearly here. Appropriately, Pleasures is bringing back its banger Crocs collab for a killer pair of Classic Clogs, making Halloween 2022 one for the books. The spooky books! Definitely Goosebumps, at least.

Pleasures’ skeleton Crocs are so good that they’re still in high demand on resale sites, with secondhand pairs continuing to command a couple hundred dollars (if they’re mint condition). But those are the old black and white shoes: for Halloween 2022, Pleasures is introducing a couple of new Clogs that’re arguably even better than the originals.

Premiered exclusively by Highsnobiety, Pleasures & Crocs’ latest team-up includes two new skeleton Clogs releasing later this month, just in time to trick or treat in comfort.

There’s a particularly terrifying glow-in-the-dark pair worthy of its own Halloween costume and a satisfyingly chaotic shoe printed with skeleton feet and Realtree-style camouflage, complete with crispy leaves to properly get the autumnal aesthetic across.

In a way, the latter style is a sort of Pleasures x Crocs greatest hits moment, bringing together two prior collaborative Clogs — Pleasures skeleton and woodland print Crocs — in a way that’s both quietly self-referential and pleasantly chaotic.

You know, you could make a case for nearly all of Pleasures’ Crocs collaborations come Halloween — if they aren’t simply black, they’re accompanied by skeleton Jibbitz charms.

It’s kinda funny, because Pleasures’ other footwear collaborations usually take an entirely different tact, stylistically.

Pleasures’ ASICS Gel-Lyte III and Reebok Club C shoes, for instance, are simply good-looking shoes, no graphic accents in sight.

Meanwhile, Pleasures plays up the prints whenever it drops a pair of Dr. Martens.

Different shoe, different vibe.

Likewise, whenever it comes to Crocs, Pleasures puts prints first. I can dig it: when you’re not remixing one of the wilder Crocs silhouettes, might as well amp up the visual appeal through other means.

There’s no better way to get that Halloween-y vibe across, anyways. And any reminder that we’re in spooky szn is a welcome one.

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