The Best Gifts For Dads That You Will Want Yourself


Ever since chunky New Balance and ASICS sneakers have become some of the most hyped releases, dads appear to be on a quest to prove their fashion prowess. And one fallout of this is that my wish list for gifts reads suspiciously like that of my old man’s.

While I haven’t gone as far as to ask for a new pair of garden sheers, recent trends have required that I’m jotting down waterproof hiking sneakers, practical cargo pants, fuzzy cardigans, and even jorts on the list of things I want to find on the other side of some wrapping paper.

One pro of this is that shopping for pops is made a bit easier, as much of his style has gone full circle in the increasingly quick trend cycle. Below, we have collated the best gifts for dads, whether they be a hiking dad, an arty dad, or a bougie dad, and there are a few you might want to keep for yourself.

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KENZO Off White Socks

When you don’t know what to buy your dad, a tried-and-tested winner is a pair of luxurious socks. This pair comes courtesy of KENZO, with the label’s boke flower embroidered on the side.

ASICS Gel-1130


The ASICS Gel-1130, especially in this grey hue, is one of the ultimate dad shoes. If your pops has beaten his runners into the ground, this will be a welcomed upgrade.

Highsnobiety Reversible Polar Fleece

If a hiking dad is your intended recipient, then it’s likely that no amount of fleece jackets in their wardrobe will ever be enough. This one offers a dense Japanese polar fleece and a reversible design that makes it highly practical for the trails and casual outings.

Dr. Martens 101 Arc

Dr. Martens is a label so universally renowned that it’s loved by punk kids and their fathers in equal measure.

A-Cold-Wall Stria Tech Gloves

A pair of gloves is a pretty standard gift during the holiday season, but these are far from being standard gloves. Dubbed the “tech gloves” this pair includes a silicone grip pattern across the palms, touchscreen-compatible fingertips, and 3M detailing to make them as practical as possible.

Highsnobiety Striped Dress Shirt

The best thing about gifting your dad this striped shirt is that you can steal it from his wardrobe.

Porter-Yoshida & Co. Snack Pack Pouch

Snack Pack Pouch

Got a dad who travels a lot? Then this pouch from Japanese bag experts Porter-Yoshida & Co. is bound to make their life easier.

Acne Studios Leather Card Holder

Leather Card Holder

There’s no denying that dads can be tricky to buy for, more often than not there’s nothing they really want or need. That’s why a high-quality cardholder or wallet, something that everyone uses every day, is a safe bet that keeps everyone happy.

Dries van Noten Leather Belt

Leather Belt With Pouch

Not only is this a luxury leather belt, a removable pouch means that it doubles up as a mini waistbag.

Casio GA-2100-1A3ER


Casio’s G-Shock is renowned for functionality and sturdiness, making it the perfect everyday watch. It’s a style that’s been worn by everyone from actors and musicians to athletes, Navy SEALs, medical professionals, and… dads.

Stone Island Ribbed Wool Beanie

Ribbed Wool Beanie

When buying anything from Stone Island, you know that the label won’t have cut any corners when it comes to fabrics. This 7-gauge wool beanie is no different.

Jack Wolfskin x Highsnobiety Hiking Pack

HS Sports Hiking Pack

Made together with jack Wolfskin, this bag is specially designed for all the outdoor adventures that hiking dads love.

Wilson x Highsnobiety 12 Golf Balls

HS Sports Golf Ball

There are many types of dads out there, but one of the most prominent is golf dads — and they could always do with a new selection of balls.

Jacob & Co. x Highsnobiety Leather Key Tray

Leather Key Tray

When wanting to buy a luxury gift you don’t always have to break the bank, sometimes it’s about buying a high-quality version of a small, everyday object — and that’s exactly what this is. Part of our collaboration with Jacob & Co., a jeweler who has worked with pretty much every current celebrity you can name, this key tray is wrapped in fine black leather.

Ina Seifart Karabiner Small

Karabiner Small

Treat your dad to a keyring upgrade, with this gold plated, handmade karabiner designed by Ina Seifart.

Highsnobiety Check Alpaca Scarf

Check Alpaca Scarf

For the ultimate cozy scarf, you need a fluffy fabric such as this alpaca-blend one.

Medicom Toy Be@rbrick The British Museum Rosetta Stone 100% and 400% Set

Be@rbrick The British Museum Rosetta Stone 100% and 400% Set

While not every Be@rbick that Medicom Toy releases is something you would expect a typical dad to love, I suspect most would appreciate this one. The muted black figurine is based on the Rosetta Stone which is part of The British Museum’s collection.

Snow Peak Pack & Carry Fireplace

Pack & Carry Fireplace

If you’re buying for a dad who likes to flex a little, you won’t find many other families at the campsite with a portable fireplace like this one.

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