Reign Disick Flippin’ the Paparazzi Is Modern Art

It used to be the case that only certain kinds of people could categorically define something as art; posh people, for example, or middle-aged men wearing whacky spectacles and little silk scarves.

But it’s 2022 and if you think something’s art, then it damn well is, so let me tell you now: this is art.

Admit it, kids swearing is funny. I’m not talking about the ones zinging around on scooters swearing at your nan, I mean the younger ones that don’t know the meaning of it. Let’s call it cute swearing, if you will.

Well, this picture of Travis Barker, Kourtney Kardashian, and Reign Disick jewelry shopping in Calabasas is exactly that: cute swearing.

Sartorially it catches the initial attention thanks to Travis’ denim Dickies dungarees and Kourtney’s oversized Balenciaga tee, but the image’s real beauty really lies in the middle finger of young Reign Disick.

The eight year old – lollipop in mouth (of course) and YEEZY slides for good measure – kept up relations with the paparazzi by flipping the bird, with effortless swag and pulled off with the straightest of faces.

From a wedding, multiple PDAs, and Kourtney virtually reinventing her style and social accounts from Cali-chic to modern “goth” glam, 2022 has been one hell of a year for Kravis. But to now having the limelight stolen from them by a swearing child? There’s a first.

Today we’re here for little Reign Disick flippin’ the paps, and the flippin’ the paps only. Paint it, frame it, and hanging it in the fucking Louvre, because this, readers, is modern art.

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