Platform UGGs Don’t Need Bella Hadid to Succeed (But She Helped)

Much like the sight of a groundhog indicates the approach of spring, you know autumn is on the way when the UGGs come out. You can literally set your watch to it, given that daylight savings time ends midway through the season. This year, however, those UGGs are looking a little different, a little taller.

Yep, Fall 2022 belongs to the platform UGG boot, a shoe so obvious that it should’ve existed for at least a decade by now. But it’s here now and it’s had quite an entrance.

From the jump, platform UGGs were worn by both Gigi and Bella Hadid, the latter in a September outfit that went extraordinarily viral and instantly took the shoes to new heights of demand.

Then, Keke Palmer took her own platform UGG mini boots out for a New York Fashion Week stroll, cementing the tall slip-ons as a certified fall staple.

But UGGs are old news, right? Like, everyone who’s ever wanted a pair already has them, or so you’d think.

Like the Converse Run Star Hike before it, the platform UGG boots are proof that, sometimes, all it takes is an extra-chunky sole to make an old favorite into an instant classic.

TikTok immediately latched on, of course, as its users so often do with trends, reshaping buying habits and dictating Gen Z closets in the process.

The platform UGGs have thus far drawn mixed reviews on the app, though — okay, most folks are raving but, still, there are a couple naysayers.

You don’t really have to twist most folks’ arms to get another pair of UGGs, apparently, and the sheer volume of styling and review videos speak for themselves.

These platform boots aren’t even the craziest UGGS of the season, if you ask me, but I get the appeal.

They’re the same easy UGG shoe that everyone wants to wear once the weather dips but the platform sole adds a satisfying heft, giving the humble UGG slip-on enough beef to compete with, say, the Air Force 1 or those aforementioned Converse.

It all adds up to a winning formula for UGG, especially if famously stylish folks like Palmer and the Hadids keep the hype alive. Though it’s not like UGGs are gonna be any less popular, so why would platform versions be any different?

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