BAPE Celebrates its First Year in the Big Smoke


Almost three decades into the streetwear game, BAPE’s legacy on the global stage is cemented. With brick-and-mortar stores across Japan, the US, Dubai, and localized homes in Paris, London, and plenty more, its presence is felt in all corners of the world.

Each new spot is a cause for celebration; anniversaries in these locations are even more so. So, here’s to BAPE’s first year in London.

Thanks to the resurgence of Y2K trends, many of which seemingly stemmed from Gen-Z’s Tik-Tok chokehold, BAPE has bubbled back to the surface. Of course, it never truly went away; but now, it’s hard to go anywhere without catching BAPE STAs littering the streets.

In the UK, you can thank the BAPE flagship store for that. Since opening, the store has served as a cultural hotpot for a series of events and collaborations that have brought the city’s tastemakers, influencers, and creatives together to revel in the brand’s legacy.

To mark the occasion, BAPE has decked out a small selection of its most favored products with some undeniably English iconography – by undeniably English, I mean the Union Jack, obviously.

The line-up consists of brand staples – the iconic BAPE STA, which now features a Union Jack-colored Ape Head camo star and insoles, as well as an anniversary t-shirt, hoodie, and cap.

For those trying to represent in the Big Smoke, you can find the full anniversary line-up online and in-store at the London flagship store now.

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