RIMOWA Will Take Twelve Bottles of Wine, Please


Carrying things sucks. Honestly, who enjoys having to lug things around? Fortunately, we did what humans do best; created solutions. In a world of bags and cases, few have crafted such strong statements of style than RIMOWA – why else would its iconic aluminum cases be such a global phenomenon?

Ensuring your luggage reaches its destination undisturbed is important – ensuring your wine collection stays safe during those same travels? Essential. RIMOWA agrees, putting its expertise to work to craft the new Twelve Bottle Case.

Whether you’re a wine guzzler or not, it’s hard not to appreciate the constant evolution of RIMOWA’s offering. From collaborations with Daniel Arsham on the Eroded Turntable and Pilot Case to cross-body slings and phone cases, the beautiful simplicity of its aluminum cases has translated perfectly across a range of products – so why not carry your wine in style?

Crafted in the brand’s signature style, this special-edition piece features a minimalist shell with high-gloss corners, a black leather handle and tag, with a tasteful vintage aesthetic to suit the decadence of its contents.

The beauty of this piece is that it’s not solely designed for travel. For those that prefer to keep their wine in one place, the case also doubles up as a display case, thanks to its padded cushioning with varied thicknesses to accommodate bottles of all sizes. Furthermore, a stabilization support system ensures nothing takes a tumble while on display – for that, you can thank its nifty lockable feet.

Whether a treat for your wine-loving friends or an expansion to your luxury carry arsenal, the €7500 (approx. $7290) case is a fine addition to any collection. If you’re keen to purchase, mark your calendars for the Twelve Bottle Case’s arrival online and in global RIMOWA stores on November 24.

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