Martha Stewart Goes F(all) Naturale for Pumpkin Spice


It’s no secret that America is obsessed with pumpkin spice, whose annual arrival marks the unofficial start to the autumn season. The question is: Pumpkin spice lovers, how far are you willing to go for your beloved drink?

For Martha Stewart, the lifestyle icon went topless for the popular seasonal beverage (I’m being so serious).

A video of Martha Stewart promoting Green Mountain’s pumpkin spice coffee pods made rounds on social media on October 14, leaving many thirsting over Stewart herself rather than the trendy flavor.

In the video that debuted in September, Stewart wears nothing but a branded white apron as she boasts about the “natural flavors” of the company’s new coffee pods.

“I’m just enjoying the natural flavor of pumpkin spice from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, and nothing else, literally,” Stewart said as she awkwardly and hilariously read a script.

“Just look at this…a thing of natural beauty,” she continues. “No, no, not me. My Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Pumpkin Spice coffee. It’s made with natural flavors, that means they stripped away the artificial and left nothing but goodness.” Iconic.

Of course, a nude Stewart took the opportunity to truly emphasize the nothing in her quick spiel on the Keurig brand’s latest pod flavor.

As the month-old video circulated on social media, it went viral (again), racking up over 4.6 million views and an unhealthy amount of thirsty comments this go-around.

A few of the less unhinged comments included: “Looks like Martha Stewart has an OnlyFans now,” “Martha Stewart on demon time,” and “Considering Martha Stewart is 81 years old and [white]. She’s aging gracefully. Sis looks GOOD.”

Well, it’s safe to say Stewart has another successful thirst trap on her hands. The true adult crafter’s naked coffee promo joins her famed puckered-pout selfies and sultry oyster-slurping pics for Anti Social Social Club.

Seeing as a thirst trap is intended to grab people’s attention, I wonder if Stewart’s sexy kitchen look piqued the interest of Pete Davidson. How about that podcast linkup?

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