Check Out These Brain Dead-Approved Roller Blades


The pandemic gave rise to many things, one of which was roller skating. Newbies and ex-roller disco kings & queens alike picked up a pair of skates and hit their local open space to video themselves dancing on the verge of falling over. But while much of the fever dream that was the pandemic has since been forgotten, rollerblading is still a standout activity that has survived.

For starters, rollerblading is really fun. Let’s not overlook that. But, we think that another of the activity’s big attractions is that — when done well — it can be really stylish. Of course, roller skates conjure images of sparkling, disco ball-lit parquet dance floors, but it’s not all retro style. Names like THEM SKATES are bringing the fun with a more modern edge.

Yes, we definitely get that there’s a major difference in the trick-ready roller blades made by THEM SKATES compared to the two-by-two roller skates of the ‘70s, but the basic concept remains the same: having wheels attached to your feet is exhilarating. Especially, we might add, when said wheels look as good as THEM SKATES rollerblades.

THEM SKATES was founded in 2018 by famous skater Jon Julio who ensures that every design is tested and approved by professional skaters before hitting the market. Unrivaled style, comfort, and protection are the pillars on which the brand is founded. Plus, having already collaborated with one of our favorite labels, Brain Dead, we’re fully aboard the THEM SKATES train.

Whether you’re a seasoned skater or aiming to bring a new hobby into your repertoire, THEM SKATES is the only real option if you’re looking for form and function in one sleek package.

Shop THEM SKATES rollerblades below.

Them 909 Marius Gaile Complete Pro Roller Blades
Them 909 Complete V4 Roller Blades

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