Deep-Fried Sauconys & a Portion of Cheesy Chips Please


Let’s not beat around the bush here: deep-frying something makes it instantly ten times better. It’s a fact. A 100% bonafide truth that cannot legitimately be proved wrong.

A Sausage? Yes. A Mars Bar? Yes. Halloumi? Yes. A potato? Yeah, probably. The list goes on. Honestly.

But, how about deep frying a Saucony Shadow 6000? Absolutely yes. The chef? END. Clothing.

Ever since their debut partnership back in 2014 (I was 23, FGS!), END. and Saucony have held a harmonious collaborative relationship, albeit an unhealthy one.

Not unhealthy in the sense that they secretly hate each other (who am I to say?), but unhealthy in the fact that their first collaboration way back when was a Shadow 5000 dubbed “Burger.”

Seven years on and the duo once again turn their attention to the greasy culinary world for inspiration, this drawing cues from my favorite post-pub snack: fried chicken.

With uppers featuring a mixture of both hairy and smooth suede — referencing the textured crust of the fast-food staple — and colors in an array of browns and reds as a nod to the signature coloring, the Shadow 6000 is well and truly deep-fried.

Furthering the playful references, the sneaker – which launches online on October 22 – boasts branding that is also given a fried chicken-inspired makeover.

Its sidewall logo, Saucony’s “S”, is reworked in a red chenille fabric and detailed with a small, bone-like appliqué, while a cartoon chicken and co-branding is worked into the shoe’s tongue patch.

The cherry on the greasy cake (and personally my favorite touch) is the fuzzy laces to give them a deep-fried appearance, while both the sole and shoebox are striped in red and white — nodding to the colors so often found on the famous fast food’s packaging. Delicious.

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