Pete Davidson’s Elderly Outfit Conceals Exclusive HIDDEN.NY

Pete Davidson keeps surprising. For a guy so seemingly disinterested in clothes, the dude is very capable of getting a fit off (or two), as evidenced by the quiet HIDDEN.NY flex he enjoyed on the set of his new Peacock show, Bupkis.

Spotted in between takes, Davidson’s outfit includes HIDDEN.NY sunglasses (more on that in a sec), a genuinely cool-looking puffer shirt, washed-out sweatpants, and extremely elderly velcro sneakers.

That’s right: gone are the JJJJound ASICS he wore the other day, replaced by what appear to be orthopedic shoes.

Hey, people used to think the dad shoe trend was crazy, now it’s everywhere. Maybe Davidson’s just starting the next wave.

About those shades, though: Pete Davidson is already confirmed to be a fan of cultish Instagram page HIDDEN.NY, having subtly worn one of the brand’s T-shirts earlier this year.

These sunglasses are on a different level of fandom, though. As best we can recall, HIDDEN.NY hasn’t yet dropped any eyewear, so either Davidson was gifted a friends & family pair or is perhaps stealthily revealing the new sunnies to us plebs before the launch.

Or, maybe he’s just wearing some other random glasses with an “h” logo on the arm. I prefer to think that Pete Davidson x HIDDEN.NY is en route but only because it’d be such a bizarre, left-field move for the Instagram-averse actor. Then again, common buzz suggests Davidson doesn’t care about clothes, which his special sunglasses disprove.

For the uninitiated, HIDDEN.NY is one of the many popular Instagram curation accounts that uploads a steady stream of streetwear-adjacent images, from photos of the latest luxury collaborations and sneaker silhouettes to anime screengrabs and memes. Think Tumblr circa 2011 but with contemporary content and you’re mostly there.

It wasn’t the first but it might be the biggest: HIDDEN.NY boasts famous admirers like Drake, Marc Jacobs, Daniel Arsham, Ronnie Fieg, and the late Virgil Abloh, who always made time to support the youth.

HIDDEN.NY has since branched out into paywalled articles and occasional product drops, like collaborative Salomon sneakers, that followers snap up as quickly as any other ultra-niche hotness. As a result, today’s IYKYK flex is a Western Hydrodynamic Research hat, JJJJound tote bag, and pair of white HIDDEN.NY socks.

Or, if you’re Pete Davidson, some early-access HIDDEN.NY sunglasses.

This sunnies, shirt, and velcro sneaker look follows a series of quietly impressive flexes from Davidson, who recently also wore Stone Island and Eric Emanuel, even revealing a tiny Goyard pouch — the ultimate low-key flex.

Davidson’s velcro shoes probably aren’t exactly what you’d call neckbreakers but they’re definitely something. And the fact that they’re paired with some exclusive shades confirms that Davidson knows exactly what he’s doing.

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