Salomon’s New-Look XT-6 Needs No Introduction


For me, nothing compares to Salomon’s XT-6 when it comes to street-savvy trail shoes.

A trail sneaker at its core, but an everyday one in its aesthetic, the XT-6 is a shoe equipped with the necessities to tackle the most treacherous of surfaces in the grimmest of conditions, all the while not looking too techy to be a day-to-day sneaker.

It’s a shoe that while fitting in nicely half-way up a mountain, wouldn’t look out of place down your local clad with a few beer spillages.

Ultimately, the beauty in the XT-6 is its unrivalled versatility, well, and the myriad of colorways in comes in too, of course.

That being said, just when you thought the XT-6 couldn’t get any better, Salomon revamps it for Fall/Winter 2022. And guess what? It’s better. GORE-TEX ePE membrane.

If you thought the OG XT-6 was ready to go to battle with the harsh conditions, the XT-6 GTX and its new GORE-TEX ePE membrane will make a hurricane feel like a light breeze.

Said ePE membrane will not only keep your feet dry, warm, and protected, but it’s said to improve the sneaker’s longevity too, which is a bonus.

Backed up with a closed mesh construction on the upper with anti-debris properties and a coated Quicklace to maximize winter weather coverage, the XT-6 GTX is available online now in two seasonal (albeit muted) colorways.

The XT-6 is living proof that no matter how good you think something is, there’s always room for improvement. We just hope another run of the ACS Pro Advanced is next in line.

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