Two Belts, One Bella Hadid: A Short Style Story

Now that fashion month is over, Bella Hadid is back using the streets as her runway. The supermodel, who kept busy (and painted) during September’s fashion festivities, is back in NYC and buckling down for the city’s breezy weather.

While out and about in SoHo on October 18, Hadid wore another stylish ‘fit, which had me doing a double take due to its twinning belt situation. Specifically, Hadid’s outfit included some roomy jeans held up by two belts.

No, Hadid didn’t wear this season’s trendy double-waist jeans, which sport a second waistband to mimic the vibe of wearing two pairs of jeans.

Instead, Hadid sported baggy jeans — not as massive as those Balenciaga trousers, of course — topped with two belts, one worn through the trouser’s loops and the other simply hanging below.

Hadid completed the look with a fur-collared leather jacket, turtleneck sweater, black shoulder bag, and leather boots. Sorry platform UGGs, there could only be one fashion statement this go-around.

One may be able to put Hadid into a literal box  for magazine spreads, but her style is something that truly can’t be categorized — because she wears what she wants!

There’s rarely a dull moment in Hadid’s street-style supremacy. From dad jorts to school uniform socks, the model knows how to command attention with her effortless and confident looks.

Indeed, it takes a bold woman to brave NY in her tighty-whities (not literally, but they were tiny shorts).

Hadid’s double belt behavior undoubtedly joins her other eye-catching style moments. And with fall in full swing, I wonder if we’ll get a follow-up to Hadid’s skinny scarf moment (with Balenciaga’s spiral neckpiece, maybe?).

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