DIY Crop-Top? Elderly Shoes? Addison Rae’s Post-Workout Style Is Layered

Celebrity style is a dime a dozen given that famous folks are lensed every time they go for a grocery run or walk the dog, so it takes some clever style to set yourself apart from the other powerful and wealthy people. Not everyone can hang but TikTok savant Addison Rae has what it takes, as she demonstrated on October 22.

That was the day that Rae was snapped departing the workout studio she attends a few times a week alongside other famously attractive types like Hailey Bieber and Maddie Ziegler.

Ziegler, seen walking next to Rae on the way out, was clad in the same athletic clothes she’d worn to the class but Rae had already changed into a pretty cool outfit.

At face value, it may very well pass for the kind of “normal” look epitomized by the TikTokers of the day, what with the oversized denim jacket and low-rise cargo pants but there’s more at play here.

For instance, Rae channeled the proper big pant proportions with the baggy pants and crop top but the extra dimensions of the pants’ low-rise make the distinction more dramatic while the DIY-doodled Scream T-shirt grants graphic appeal.

Rae could’ve kept things simple with on-trend ASICS for the dad shoe moment or some chunky Air Force 1s but then she wouldn’t be Addison Rae. Instead, she slipped into some anonymous leather loafer-sneakers, one rounded toebox away from Merrell’s Jungle Moc, the ultimate elderly shoe.

The result is a canny balance of feminine proportions and masculine shapes, with the cropped shirt playing neatly against the loose jacket, pants, and daringly stodgy shoes. Add a dainty leather bag and tiny shades to taste.

There are layers here, literally and figuratively. It’s an outfit worth sinking your teeth into and yet another example that Addison Rae can dress.

That being said, Rae been wearing some comparably tame post-workout looks recently, sometimes with a giant furry hat or a sporty top.

They fall more into the “Is it fashion or is she just skinny?” camp rather than genuinely interesting outfit, usually.

Not hate, for what it’s worth: so few folks are stylistically “on” every day because why bother? It’s a whole lotta work. Though, it could be cool to see Rae lean a little harder into the health goth moment epitomized by her boyfriend, Omar Fedi.

Quietly elderly outfits have been making a subtle surge, which is funny because actually elderly people are doing the exact opposite.

Grass is always greener, perhaps.

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