KARHU’s “Trees of Finland” Pack Is Fall-Perfect


What KARHU doesn’t know about sneakers probably isn’t worth knowing. Since its inception in 1916 (!!), the Finnish label has been there and done it in almost every realm of footwear, going back as far as producing performance footwear for athletes as early as the 1920s.

In the proceeding 100-or-so years, KARHU has gradually turned its focus towards more lifestyle-focused footwear – although it still dabbles in performance styles, most recently alongside Vyner Articles.

Yet, it’s the former strategy that’s seen it really become a force in the sneaker world and garner a pretty loyal following, with silhouettes like the Fusion 2.0, Legacy 96 and Synchron Classic all adorning that unmistakable KARHU touch.

Of late, the Finnish brand has been focusing on the outdoors with each of its collections, and its latest pack – titled “Trees of Finland” – is no different.

Comprising the aforementioned three classic brand silhouettes, the capsule is presented in earthy tones and natural hues, each of which is inspired by the Finnish forest.

Finland’s natural wilderness remains relatively unchanged since ancient times and makes up much of the land area within the country. In fact, over seventy-five percent of Finland is trees – roughly sixteen times more forest per capita than the rest of Europe.

Among those vast tracts of wilderness grow a mix of pine, spruce, and birch with barely any non-native trees to be found.

These indigenous, old-growth forests – home to tens of thousands of animal species – add to the natural beauty of the landscape and are often cited as a contributing factor to Finland’s five year run as “the happiest country in the world”.

While the “Trees of Finland” pack – which is available online now – might not see you become a part of the world’s happiest country, you’ll at least be a happy new sneaker owner if you do cop a pair, which is something.

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