Balenciaga? READYMADE? Guns N’ Roses? Fergie Is Just Too Cool

Hi, don’t mind me. I’m just admiring Fergie’s latest style moment.

Fergie grabbed lunch with her son Axl on October 23, donning a cool mom ‘fit during the afternoon outing in Los Angeles.

Fergie sported a Guns N’ Roses tee, twinning with her son, who also wore the LA rock band’s t-shirt (talk about a mother-son flex).

In addition to some graphic printed trousers and sunglasses, Fergie flexed a READYMADE x Dr. Woo handbag on her arm and Balenciaga studded Cagole sandals — sandals she wore with a stylish printed set over the summer.

Gun N’ Roses, READYMADE, and Balenciaga? Oh my. Fergie is definitely aboard the cool mom train with this ‘fit, right next to Kim’s Yeezy soccer mom look.

2022 is undoubtedly the year of Fergie’s renaissance — let’s call it the Fergie-ssance for short — thanks to Jack Harlow’s “First Class,” which sampled the singer’s “Glamorous” song.

Harlow’s track, which he sang with the icon herself at the 2022 VMAs, reminded us that OG hit is still a bop, and the singer behind it is still very much iconic and, well, glamorous.

Though we praised her recent style moments, the Duchess isn’t a stranger to the finer things in life and fashion (her closet of Fendi, Birkins, and Off-White™ doesn’t lie).

As the former leading lady of the Black Eyed Peas, Miss Stacy Ferguson always turned heads with her bandage dresses, low-slung trousers, ultra-cropped tops, and super-toned abs. In short, she was Y2K personified.

Despite the aughts resurgence, Fergie channels bougie mom vibes nowadays, keeping things chic but luxurious with Givenchy tees, Burberry layers, and of course, her Fergie-branded footwear.

Taking a bar from “Glamorous,” Fergie is just “flossy, flossy” and living her best life. And we’re so here for it.

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