mfpen & BLANKOF Do Basic Bags One Better

mfpen’s entire ethos, like I’ve said before, is to single-mindedly pave its own path irrespective of the greater fashion industry. Not to make it sound like the Danish brand cares enough about the biz to willfully go against conventional: it’s more like mfpen does what it wants to do and if that’s agreeable for other folks, great. If not, that’s fine too.

Take mfpen’s collaborations as an example. An emerging designer of mfpen’s scale, craving crossover success, would likely seek a hyped sneaker collaboration or big partnership with some heavyweight retailer to solidify its success.

Instead, mfpen eschews big-name team-ups, modestly styling its lookbooks with vintage running shoes rather than the new hotness. Its only footwear collab to date is with equally indie Parisian footwear label Adieu, with whom mfpen created co-branded leather shoes.

If it sounds like I’m pleading the case for mfpen, well, maybe so. I appreciate any brand humbly blazing its own trail through the crowded, attention-hungry industry that so often places mundane repetition above individuality its arbitrary hierarchy.

Hardly a groundbreaking perspective, I know, but I especially respect the way that mfpen’s entire brand vision is neatly represented through intentionally understated uniform dressing. We should all aspire to such simple styling.

Back to collaborations.

For Fall/Winter 2022, mfpen has partnered with Korean company BLANKOF on a line of special bags, whose plain façade belies their thoughtful fabrication.

But why BLANKOF?

“We’ve been getting a lot of interest from the Korean market, and our following there has been growing over the years,” founder Sigurd Bank explained. “When BLANKOF reached out through a common partner, it felt natural to work with them.”

Indeed, mfpen’s classically cool clothing has found a loyal following in South Korea, a country obsessed with effortless dressing. See: local favorites like Youth, Document, and even Thisisneverthat, the incredibly popular streetwear label sometimes described as the Korean Supreme.

BLANKOF is a South Korean brand known for making minimalist accessories under the mantra of “NEAT AND PROPER,” which I’d say is a phrase that speaks for itself. Its been around for a good long while and its yearly collections comprise goods as disparate as bucket hats, camera straps, totes, and, as of 2022, bespoke Mizuno sneakers.

mfpen’s spin on BLANKOF’s utilitarian bags are muted, wrinkly, and designed to be worn every day. The differences between standard products are subtle but will be more noticeable when scoped on the mfpen website from October 27.

“We tend to have a commute theme in our collections, so these three options of bags fit well into this theme,” Bank continued. “It’s three classic options of bags, but with an insane amount of detailing, and which we chose to make in this crinkled nylon that gives a lot of depth in the fabric.”

As handsome as they are in the imagery, the collaborative bags sound like something that makes even more sense in-person, seen to be believed. Fittingly, that makes them a perfect match to mfpen’s clothing.

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