G.H. Bass Turns Its Weejun Vegan

There are certain items that we instantly associate with certain brands. Take Burberry and the trench coat, for example, or Fred Perry and the polo shirt, and Dr. Martens and big sturdy boots. You get the point.

For me, it’s the same case when I think of G.H. Bass and the penny loafer.

Founded in New York way back in 1876, G.H. Bass is the OG when it comes to penny loafers, and it’s probably safe to assume that what it doesn’t know about the slip-on silhouette isn’t worth knowing.

Despite its arsenal of loafer styles, there’s one in particular that stands head and shoulders above the rest: the Weejun.

Described by the brand’s website as “The Preferred Shoe For Gentlemen”, the Weejun is the GOAT when it comes to the penny loafer, and a silhouette that could be argued as being at the forefront of the “Post-Sneaker” massive.

As popular as it is though (and it is really popular), G.H. Bass says time to make things more sustainable, and for the first time in its history has released the Weejun in a vegan-friendly cactus leather. Weejun-friendly, if you will.

Crafted from Desserto (an award-winning vegan cactus leather), the Weejun Cactus Loafer – which is available online now – arrives in three signature shades of green, red, and dark green.

Showcased with a campaign shot by Lauren Maccabee and styled by Luci Ellis, this new-look, sustainable Weejun might be the key to the shoe’s continued success in an ever conscious eco-friendly world. And you never know, it might just kick-start the sneaker rebellion, too. Only time will tell.

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