This Is the Most Advanced Hoodie in the World


Since it was founded in 1994, Acronym has made a name for itself as one of the most tech-forward labels in the world. Super-lightweight builds offer the best protection against the elements on the market: windproof, waterproof, and all finished with space-age visuals, the Acronym collection is paradise for techwear heads.

While this might be most obvious in the label’s outerwear, which carries some of the most cutting-edge details of the moment, it extends to every corner of the collection. Even the hoodies.

The Acronym S31-PX Hoodie is our fall/winter obsession. Sure, it might look like a neutral-hued hoodie, but dive into its construction, and you’ll see that there’s absolutely nothing neutral about it. This is the pinnacle of sweaters.

For starters, the Acronym hoodie is mind-bogglingly lightweight for its size at just 465g. That’s quite an achievement considering that the label describes this piece as a sweatshirt crossbred with a sleeping bag.

In terms of details, it’s fitted with an all-new semi-internal JacketSling, which means that if you’re getting too hot, you can sling the hoodie over your shoulder with the shoulder strap. This strap lives within the garment lining to keep the visuals uncluttered.

Even the hoodie strings have been optimized: they’ve been replaced with rapid-adjust tape, which locks in when knotted yet unties with ease.

Here’s where it gets very techy. The dimensional-flex laminate cuffs use spatial distortion for elasticity. In short, they’re perfectly fitted. That’s not to mention the waterproof, breathable membrane which keeps the cuffs dry even when fully submerged.

The glossy shell of the piece is cut from HD nylon and covers a Primaloft Gold lining which, if you don’t already know, is the king of insulation.

Overall, the Acronym S31-PX Hoodie is a celebration of technology. That’s nothing new for Acronym heads, but what’s so impressive about this piece is just how wearable it is. Aside from the nylon shell, this hoodie is indistinguishable from a regular sweater. It’s cut the same and styles with the same versatility. The differences are reserved for the wearer to enjoy.

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