A MSCHF Exhibition Promises Pranks at Perrotin


MSCHF’s next move isn’t a tongue-in-cheek product drop — it’s a full-on exhibition showcasing the Brooklyn art collective’s devilishly clever work.

On November 3, New York City’s Perrotin gallery will unveil No More Tears, I’m Lovin’ It, a show that serves a generous helping of MSCHF’s specialty: exposing the absurdities of American culture, from our obsession with designer logos to our profit-hungry healthcare system.

Per a press release, the exhibit will be structured around the concept of a strip mall, complete with “stores” and interactive experiences.

Instead of your typical mall greeter, visitors will be confronted with the disembodied hand of rapper 24kGoldn, whose face and body will remain concealed behind a wall. From there, patrons will be invited to “shop.” An installation mimicking a Foot Locker store will serve as a follow-up to MSCHF’s viral “Satan Shoes,” and a second in-gallery outpost — this one modeled after GameStop — will invite visitors to play MSCHF-developed video games.

The mall of MSCHF will also contain an art gallery spotlighting the group’s latest prankster art project, “Severed Spots,” a series of colored dots sliced from Damien Hirst’s “Spots” series and re-framed individually.

If you thought things couldn’t get weirder, think again. MSCHF’s mall will also feature a life-size sculpture of Jennifer Lopez, a work somehow constructed from paparazzi photos of the singer. Said photos were apparently stitched together using a special computer program and modeled into the 3D work.

With No More Tears, I’m Lovin’ It, MSCHF turns the art of getting up to no good into, well, art. The show opens at Perrotin New York on November 3 and runs through December 23.

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