Nike’s Big Swoosh Just Got, Well, Bigger


Just when I thought Nike had done it all to its big Swoosh, the sportswear giant revisits the outerwear piece that started it all and essentially, stretched it out.

Nike’s faux fur long jacket enters the Big Swoosh chat, materializing as the brand’s popular Swoosh jacket after a growth spurt.

Priced at ¥27,500 ($187), the brand’s longline fur jacket undoubtedly embodies the cozy and massive essence of the OG. Indeed, the Nike jacket preserves that familiar plush exterior along with the oversized Swoosh, just in extended and enlarged fashion, of course.

In short, Nike’s maxi faux fur outerwear — which lands on atmos’ website on November 1 — supplies Swoosh lovers with, well, a lot more to love about the seasonal-favorite layering piece.

The long jacket is also a win for the brand’s big Swoosh agenda, which is undoubtedly in full swing for Fall/Winter 2022.

Nike’s fleece zip-ups and tote bags (yes, furry Swoosh tote bags) embraces Nike’s famed fuzzy check-mark concept, joining the brand’s blanket and AMBUSH iterations from the past.

I would say fuzzy Swoosh caps are next up, but Nike already beat me to the punch. However, there’s still plenty of time and room for the headwear to receive a blown-up check.

Now, Nike has literally extended its OG faux fur jacket. At this rate, perhaps big Swoosh hats and maybe even fluffy trousers aren’t too far off.

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