An Ode to Homer Simpson’s Most Relatable GIF, Courtesy of adidas


As social media continues to explode, so does the meme hall of fame. Inside the vault where snapshots from pop culture moments make for perfect IRL reactions, one will surely find the gif of Homer Simpson slowly backing into a bush.

The famed Homer GIF derives from The Simpsons episode where Homer’s neighbor declined to spend time with him, thus prompting the character to gradually retreat into a hedge after rejection.

No wonder the meme is an ideal fit for capturing moods like embarrassment or simply “staying out of it.”

The Homer meme has spawned other versions, including Homer backing into pizza, weed, and even space — essentially, whatever users deemed as comfortable places to escape awkward situations.

Homer Simpson’s relatable meme now backs into another comfy backdrop: an adidas Stan Smith sneaker collaboration.

Like the Marge Simpson Superstars, the “Homer Simpson” Stan Smith shoes issue a fuzzy ode to the character. Utilizing green fleece and embroidery, adidas recreates the moment of Homer escaping into the hedge, as seen on the shoe’s heel.

At the same time, a gilded “Homer Simpson” gets debossed on the upper, while a drawing of The Simpsons figure replaces Stan Smith’s headshot on the tongue. Essentially, adidas turns the Stan Smith into the “Homer Simpsons” for this collab.

Now, the Simpsons and adidas go way back, having issued Squishee and even Krusty Burger shoe collabs in honor of the hit animated series, which ended after a 23-year-run in May of this year.

The Simpsons are also no stranger to the fashion world, footwear included, of course. Virgil Abloh admired Bart Simpson’s childish nature, while Balenciaga made the fictional family models for its Summer 2022 collection.

While Homer’s reaction to the house’s prices was priceless and understandable, it’s still hard to forget the Simpsons-ized Kim Kardashian and Anna Wintour in the front row.

With Marge and Homer Simpson under adidas’ belt, I wonder if the brand is cooking up a pack featuring the whole fam. A blue Maggie sneaker topped with a bow would make for an adorable kids’ sneaker, perhaps saving a pacifier charm for baby sizing.

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