Tony Hawk’s TSP Drops a Trippy Sk8-Hi


Once you reach legendary status as an athlete, your name becomes synonymous with your sport. Think Michael Jordan in basketball, Cristiano Ronaldo for football, Tiger Woods in golf, and Tony Hawk in skateboarding.

Once cemented in sporting history, what comes next? Some choose to coach the next generation of talent, become a pundit, or perhaps give back to the community that helped raise their career to such enormous heights. Of course, nothing says they need only choose one route.

Tony Hawk’s nonprofit, The Skatepark Project (TSP), was built to, as its Vans Skateboarding collaboration reads, “Build Community.”

Founded by the legendary skateboarder himself, TSP, in its own words, “is a nonprofit organization working to increase access to outdoor recreation and free play through the creation of safe and inclusive community skateparks.”

Since its inception, The Skatepark Project’s grant programs have awarded over $10 million to help fund nearly 700 public skateparks in all 50 States.

Now, in a bid to raise further funds for the project, TSP has locked in with Vans Skateboarding for a capsule collection that centers itself on a trippy pair of Sk8-His.

Concise, the collection comprises three pieces, including the Rip and Rework T-Shirt that features graphics that blend a trippy checkerboard print with images of skateparks, a typography logo 5-panel cap, and the iconic Sk8-Hi sneaker.

This iteration of the sneaker (which is available online now) takes the classic checkerboard and gives it a trippy remix while “Build Community” embroidered text sits at the heel.

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