Db Is the Luggage Brand Making Sure You Never Crease the Jordans


If you have not heard of Scandinavian travel brand Db yet now is the time. Having already won countless awards from Gazelle, Red Dot, and ISPO, honoring its engineering and design skills, last week Db and Oslo fashion and design institution YME decided to move the needle even more by teaming up to make a unique luggage concept for traveling with your sneakers, which you can sign up to win here.

In 2012 design engineer Truls Brataas started with the aim of creating luggage that could cater to the fast-paced lives of winter and water sports people traveling the world between events. What was missing from the market were durable yet stylish luggage pieces that could meet the demands of the surfers, skiers, and snowboarders in their community. With the needs of their network in mind, they set about engineering luggage that could solve all the travel problems previously encountered on their journies, and Db was born.

Now 10 years later, Db is taking on a new challenge. With the help of design lead Vincent Laine (previously of Leica and Hasselblad), the brand is now setting its sights on solving the challenges of traveling creatives. The solution is the Ramverk System, a marriage of the rugged outdoors and Scandinavian minimalism. A collection of technical luggage that caters to videographers, photographers, and creatives in general that blends classic luggage formats with functional design. The Ramverk line uses the most technical and sustainable materials and components out there, making luggage less of a necessity and more of a stylish tool for travel. The muse for this collection is Olav Stubberud, a photographer and videographer who, after starting out making snowboarding films, ended up documenting a decade of rigorous Justin Beiber tour dates and shooting for G-Eazy, Kygo, Halsey, Vin Diesel, Sharon Stone, amongst others. Having spent more than half of his life on the road, if anyone knows the trials and tribulations of traveling, it’s Olav, who acted as a consultant in the design of the luggage. His aim; to create something both sexy and protective. Job done.

To celebrate the line’s launch, Olav hosted a special event at Oslo fashion and design institution YME’s beautiful concept store where they also showcased a super limited collab case specially made to house your sneakers. As one of Norway’s premier hubs of creativity, YME was the perfect partner to do the first collaboration on the stylish Ramverk collection. A unique redesign of the interior sees the hardwearing foam (usually formed to house camera and video equipment) individually laser-cut to house your favorite pair of sneakers.

Head here to see if you can get your hands on the collection, which you can enter to win here.

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