STAPLE’s Oakley Sub Zero is Ice Cold, Baby!


Alright, Oakley collectors, eyes up. STAPLE is once again stepping into OAKLEY’s realm to deliver an attention-worthy serving of sunglasses. This time around, the pair set sights on the classic Sub Zero for a two-piece Collectors Pack.

Over the past couple of years, Oakley has made a sustained effort to remind us of its 90s classics. Throughout the 90s, the optic brand delivered some of its heaviest hitters, styles that refused to fade into obscurity, becoming statement pieces of the era.

The more time that passed, the more that nostalgia gripped us, and the more that Oakley reintroduced those much-loved styles. Several found their way back to market, including the Mumbo, Pro M, X Metal Romeo, X Metal Juliet, and, of course, the Sub Zero.

Beloved, for many reasons, you cannot fault the retro-futurist design language of these styles. Their timelessness speaks for itself, and honestly, it’s unsurprising that STAPLE would pick a style as iconic as the Sub Zero to makeover.

Arriving as a two-piece pack, this collector’s item blends old and new by including the original 1992 Sub Zero and its present-day doppelganger, the 2022 Re:SubZero. Both frames include the Premium Prizmā„¢ Black lens with a laser-etched Pigeon logo and feature a marble swirl temple design.

Unfortunately, much like past Sub Zero drops, these have quickly sold out online. If fans follow the formula of those previous releases, you can expect these to fetch a pretty penny on the secondary market. Whether it’s 1992 or 2022, you just can’t beat old-school Oakleys.

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