Azuki Brings Its Physical Backed Token to the AMBUSH Collab

Fresh off of auctioning the most expensive skateboard ever sold, Azuki advances with its first limited-edition collaboration with AMBUSH.

Modeled by American-Japanese pop star Mandy Sekiguchi, the Azuki x AMBUSH collection features four pieces: two hoodies and two pendants. The silver pendant is engraved with Azuki’s rally-cry IKZ (ikuzo, meaning “let’s go” in Japanese) on the inside, resembling an inkan stamp. For the gold version, the pendant hosts a detailed sculpted dragon and IKZ engravement.

Meanwhile, the hoodies model after the AMBUSH WORKSHOP series, which features the inkan stamp, red IKZ, and most importantly, Azuki’s PBT (Physical Backed Token).

First featured in Azuki’s 24k Golden Skateboard, the PBT enables users to track the provenance of authentic goods on the blockchain. Users can scan the chip on their phone for the AMBUSH sweatshirts, allowing the PBT to be minted and digitally transferred to the owner’s wallet.

” Web3 technology is changing how we experience life. We are excited to explore how fashion and web3 can combine through this collaboration with Azuki and PBT “BEAN” Chip technology,” Yoon, AMBUSH’s creative director, stated.

Given the final price tag of Azuki’s 24k Golden skateboard and AMBUSH’s notoriety, the duo will release the collection as a raffle. On November 9 at 9AM PST, Azuki will open entry spots on its website where users can pay with Ethereum (ETH) and select the items they hope to score. Winners will be selected on November 11th via airdrop.

Azuki made a strong choice with AMBUSH for its first fashion collaboration to see how its PBT will perform. The collab serves as an experiment on how blockchain can be used to verify authentic goods.

We won’t see the full benefit of PBT in action until the sweatshirts hit the secondary market. In short, time will tell how this added level of authentication affects resale prices.

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