Festival Season’s Over, But Album Season Just Started

Raf Simons

The light evenings and warm days of summer are behind us and so, therefore, are festivals. Once the cold weather sets in, it’s easy to forget that you ever danced in the middle of a field in a T-shirt (or less) in the early hours of the morning. Now, that kind of caprice has been replaced by a warm mug of something and a blanket. One thing remains the same, though: music.

During fall and winter, our love of music doesn’t falter, we just don’t have as many places to enjoy it. Instead of hitting public spaces, we’ve got used to finding our vibe privately. That’s why we’re calling fall and winter album season. It’s all about settling in with your favorite album, or maybe one you’ve yet to explore, and enjoying it from start to finish.

Key to this experience is, obviously, good sound quality. For that, we’re opting for Marshall’s Motif A.N.C., but they’re accompanied by some peripheral pleasures that optimize the vibe. From blankets to diffusers, keep scrolling to see what a comprehensive album season kit looks like.

Shop the best gear for album season below.

Marshall Motif A.N.C. Diamond Jubilee

Your starting point has to be your listening device. Without a great listening experience, you can kiss album season goodbye. We’re entering album season 2022 with a pair of Marshall Motif A.N.C. earphones. They’re small, but a sealed-fit design and active noise cancellation mean that the sound is a whole lot bigger than you might imagine.

Seasons Aero SM Diffuser

Aero SM Diffuser

Plug in and shut your eyes. You’ve taken care of sight and hearing, there aren’t many other senses to please. Seasons has got you covered when it comes to smell, though, with the Aero SM Diffuser which will set the mood.

Rory Pots Retro Mug

Retro Mug

Albums vary in length, but all of them are long enough to warrant a big mug of tea or coffee to accompany them. Rory Pots’ Retro Mug is a beautiful object to bring along with you for the audio ride.

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO Turntable

Debut Carbon EVO Turntable

When it comes to turntables, few rank higher than Pro-Ject. It’s been doing its expert thing since 1991 and has amassed a huge cult following along the way. The Carbon EVO Turntable is a great-looking piece which means that your album season includes vinyl now.

Reigning Champ x Pendleton Stadium Blanket

Pendleton Stadium Blanket

Comfort is essential if you’re going to be zoning in and focusing on your album. Tuck yourself in under this Reigning Champ x Pendleton blanket which is, we might add, probably the prettiest blanket on offer this year. The ombré effect is kitted out in Reigning Champ’s signature sportswear palette.

Pendleton Cotton Terry Robe

Cotton Terry Robe

If you’re less of a blanket person, why not wear the damn thing? Pendleton is the gold standard in robes and this iteration is proof.

Dangle Supply Big Ripper Water Pipe

Big Ripper Water Pipe

Some consider it essential, while others don’t. Different strokes for different folks, but if you do consider it an essential album season piece, then make sure it’s a sleek as this one by Dangle Supply.

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