Speake-Marin x Watches of Switzerland Is Quality For The Well-Traveled

Maintaining tradition is a practice that takes discipline, but with time has the potential to produce quality like none other, and no one knows quality more than Speake-Marin and Watches of Switzerland. Both being significant players in the watch game for decades, each understands the value of tradition and, when put into practice, can create something clearly distinguished from the rest of the field.

In the first-ever collaboration between the two, Speake-Marin and WOS have joined forces to bring to life a project that embodies each company’s shared ties. Having deep British roots, Speake-Marin and WOS now work across the world in places like London, New York, and Las Vegas, among many others. For this partnership, the English-born watchmaking company is unveiling two pieces that represent the traveler’s spirit and articulate important elements from each company. 

Fashioned with dual-time features for those always on the go, a retrograde date function, and Speake-Marin’s iconic SMA02 movement, these unique models give buyers two distinct vibes to choose from while still providing the unmatched quality and authenticity everyone is accustomed to.

The Blue Metallic dial timepiece draws inspiration from water, an element that has influenced travel in New York and London for years. Fashioned with a large satin finish on the dial gives the watch a sporty, everyday look. In contrast, the Salmon dial model offers different imagery, providing a more modern and elegant energy. Drawing inspiration for its copper grain finish from the desert surrounding Las Vegas, this timepiece is a comfortable choice for your more buttoned-up occasions.

Retailed at $35,900, Speake-Marin is releasing just 20 total timepieces (10 of each design) to be sold exclusively at participating WOS stores worldwide, which include the NYC and Las Vegas locations in the U.S. These brilliantly designed models come numbered, packaged in Speake-Marin’s iconic Piccadilly’s case, and feature heart-shaped hands directly inspired by the Big Ben Tower Clock in London.

With quality and detailed storytelling, this bespoke project between the two British watch affiliates already has us excited for what’s to come next from this partnership. In the meantime, everyone will scramble for an excuse to take a trip and put these watches to proper use.

Shop the collection at participating Watches of Switzerland stores worldwide.

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