Gucci Is Playing a Very Good Game


It’s hard to deny the wave Gucci is riding right now.

Whether it’s collaborations with adidas or, most recently, Palace, its myriad of impressive mainline collections, or even Billie Eilish rocking up to LACMA’s Art + Film Gala 2022 in a set of the house’s silky PJs, you can’t get away from the double G right now. Which is a good thing, of course.

That being said, the Gucci wave looks to still have plenty of life in its ticker yet, as the label now goes about celebrating its connection with the world of gaming with the launch of its aptly-titled: Gucci Good Game capsule.

Handily, Gucci’s GG motif is also a well-known abbreviation for “good game,” a term used by gamers at the end of online multiplayer games, a specific point of connection that Gucci Good Game explores.

“By incorporating this motto – GG, Good Game – in our gaming-related activities, we aim at shining a light on the positive principles that are pivotal to make an enjoyable gaming experience possible,” Robert Triefus, CEO of Gucci Vault and Metaverse Ventures, Senior EVP Corporate & Brand Strategy, exclusively tells Highsnobiety.

“At the same time, we play our best possible game to contribute to the global discourse pushing those themes that are meaningful to us and that we see as adjacent to gaming.

“Gaming in fact is becoming a very strong driver of self-expression, by providing people the capacity to bring themselves into a new reality, to express themselves in ways that perhaps were not available in the physical reality,” he added.

The collection itself is casual, albeit almost subconsciously luxury. From bowling shirts and hoodies, to slides and sneakers, the capsule fuzes rainbow hues with various staple garments, resulting in an iridescent effect and striking new-look monograms.

Despite the capsule’s relatively concise size — all of which will be available online and in select stores worldwide — it’s been a long time coming for Triefus and Gucci, a project that has been more than three years in the making.

“As we began to look into that more deeply three years ago, we began to realize the significance of the gaming community, a community that crosses generations, crosses genders, crosses ethnicities,” he explained.

This collection is just the latest release in an ever-growing list of tech-inspired drops, from arguably the most tech-savvy luxury house around.

Last year the house released a first-of-its-kind immersive experience for Roblox, before acquiring land on The Sandbox and dropping a plethora of NFTs earlier this year.

“It’s a true global community in every sense,” Triefus continued. “We gained a deeper understanding of the gaming world and of what gaming offers to our community, and what we can offer back to the community, playing our own good game.”

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