The World on Your Wirst – Montblanc’s Star Legacy Orbis Terrarum

For the world’s keenest travelers and digital nomads, access to world time is one of the greatest gifts that the smartphone has ever provided. Wherever you may be, it’ll automatically adjust to keep you on track, and better yet, you can keep track of multiple time zones at once.

It’s a beautiful, often underappreciated thing that is highly valuable, especially when you consider that once upon a time, those without a world-timer watch weren’t able to readily access this information on the fly.

Knowing this makes you appreciate the meticulous craft of wristwatches, such as Montblanc’s Star Legacy Orbis Terrarum.

All it takes is a glance to know this is no run-of-the-mill timepiece. Both elegant and intricate, it’s fair to say this is a work of art in which form follows function.

Watch enthusiasts will be familiar with the Star Legacy Orbis Terrarum, as the watch was originally launched back in 2014. Since then, several updated iterations have made their way to market, with this evolution being the 4th.

An incredibly beautiful piece worthy of a place in any watch collection, its intricacies lay within in face, which houses a complication of 24 different time zones, creating the perfect tool for any traveler, especially those looking to harken back to a time less reliant on technology.

Despite being a complex statement piece, the watch remains balanced and modest, thanks to its 43mm stainless steel case, which sports a black and grey dial with rose gold-coated continents, meridians, hands, and indications.

Completing the high-class finish is a black leather strap, which reserves all attention for the watch’s centerpiece.

Available to purchase online now, the Montblanc Star Legacy Orbis Terrarum will set you back $7,000.

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