The Best & Most Chaotic Moments From ‘Love Is Blind’ Season Three

Love Is Blind‘s reunion aired this week, concluding the third season of Netflix’s popular dating reality series hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey (they also head the show’s messy spin-off, The Ultimatum).

After watching this season, here are my final thoughts (ahem): Matt still has healing to do from his past marriage. I went from disliking Cole to feeling bad for him. Nancy proved love is blindsided, a follow-up to Shake’s “blurry” take from last season. Bartise is a man with a god complex and thinks he’s the hottest in the room (not even SZA likes this guy). And Alexa comes from a family full of Instagram baddies.

Like the first two seasons, Love Is Blind‘s third season took fans through yet another roller coaster of unhinged episodes — a ride which many of us refuse to get off as the drama keeps us locked in — resulting in many memorable moments.

So, stick around as we recap Love Is Blind season three’s biggest moments, from the infamous Cutie scene to the hero-moms of the show.

Andrew’s Visine tears

We can’t start this recap without arguably the most chaotic scene in the show’s history: Andrew using his eye drops to make it look like he was crying real tears.

At this moment, I knew Love Is Blind season three was bound to be another wild ride.

The Moms

The real stars of the Love Is Blind season three? The moms.

From meeting the fiancée to the wedding that didn’t happen, SK’s mom embraced Raven with open arms. She even went to hug her after SK said, “I don’t” at the altar. Zanab’s stepmother also comforted an emotional Cole when he got turned down at the altar.

Aren’t moms just the best?

The Cutie-gate

And the award for best supporting role goes to…Cuties!

The mini tangerines quickly became the show’s biggest star and the topic of social media discourse after Zanab claimed Cole body-shammed her over the fruit at the reunion. Meanwhile, Cole denied the Zanab’s accusation.

In the scene, which didn’t make the season’s run but aired following the reunion credits, Cole asked Zanab if she was eating two Cuties because the two were going to dinner later, and he didn’t want Zanab to spoil her appetite.

He also asked Zanab, who also hadn’t eaten much that day, if her recent eating habits were in preparation for wedding dress fittings — a common practice for brides-to-be adjust their intake to fit into their gowns.

Naturally, the scene divided viewers. Some sympathized with Cole, who was brought to tears at the reunion trying to defend himself. On the other hand, others stuck by Zanab’s side, given Cole’s history of brutal honesty surrounding his struggles of physical attraction to Zanab.

And thus, the Cutie-gate was born.

Raven’s workout session

How could we forget the moment when Raven busted out a whole exercise routine, including pelvic thrusts and jumping jacks, while Bartise tearfully opened up to her in the pods?

Perhaps Raven saw that he was a walking red flag before anyone else. Or, she was just really in need of a quick sweat.

The gilded goblets

Every season, the goblets see more drama than any of us. And for that, we thank them for their service.

Alexa’s “No Rewear” rule

In Love Is Blind season three, Alexa famously revealed to Brennan that she doesn’t wear the same outfit twice.

So, what happens to the clothes? During the reunion, Alexa revealed she returns them after wearing them (…).

I guess that’s better than throwing the clothes away and contributing to fashion’s pollution crisis.

Nancy’s Brother

Round of applause for Nancy’s brother, who, like, most of us, saw through Bartise’s B.S. and didn’t hold back with expressing it.

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