Ksubi Just Got Slawn-Certified


If you’re in the market for some new denim, Ksubi’s resurgence is worthy of note. Adored by hip-hop, its denim pieces have been heavily favored over the years, particularly in the States. Now, it’s leaving its mark on European markets – first things first, a collaboration with London-based artist Slawn.

There’s something about denim that seems to command great loyalty from its customers. Perhaps it’s the difficulty many of us face in finding the right fit, let alone the right weight or wash, to suit our needs. Once you’ve found your home in denim, it’s hard to let go.

Whichever your denim of choice, should that be Our Legacy, Levis, Acne Studios, Nudie, or otherwise, each has its niche, some of which are more documented and celebrated than others.

Ksubi has certainly garnered great loyalty from its fanbase. Over the years, it’s accumulated quite a number of shoutouts in hip-hop, cementing itself as a key player, yet its European presence has lacked some of that fat.

Things are changing, however, with the opening of the new Ksubi flagship store in London. To coincide with the new store’s opening, the brand enlisted the help of Slawn to elevate its new UK experience.

Combining their strengths, the pair first delivered an apparel collection that saw Ksubi pieces re-dressed in the artist’s unmistakable graffiti work, resulting in a tongue-in-cheek, unapologetically bold line-up.

Never enough to work at small scale, Slawn also put his hand to sculpture, delivering a bespoke larger-than-life piece for the store’s opening.

The Slawn collection is available online now and can be shopped at the new Ksubi flagship store on London’s Carnaby Street.

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