Lacoste Just Collaborated With… Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop?

Brand: Lacoste x goop

Season: Fall/Winter 2022

Buy: Online at goop’s website

Editor’s Notes: goop is turning its attention away from jade vagina eggs and $75 bags of poop — at least momentarily. Gwyneth Paltrow’s pseudoscience-y wellness brand has teamed up with Lacoste to design a capsule collection of apparel inspired by the wardrobe of The Royal Tenenbaums.

The collection’s main attraction is a recreation of Paltrow’s — or rather, Margot Tenenbaum’s — striped polo dress, a hallmark of the undoubtably stylish character.

Thanks to Lacoste’s tennis heritage, there are plenty of nods to the rest of the film’s cast, too. Richie Tenenbaum’s polo shirt and Chas Tenenbaum’s tracksuit also receive shoutouts, while extras including a pair of knit bloomers and a navy blue jumpsuit keep the capsule from verging into Halloween costume territory.

While goop is known for its beauty and wellness wares, including “Psychic Vampire Repellant” spray and at-home enemas, the company also boasts an in-house apparel line, G. Label, and stocks wealthy white woman fashion brands including but not limited to: Victoria Beckham, Ulla Johnson, GANNI, and God’s True Cashmere, a line of $2,000 button downs that Brad Pitt founded with his holistic healer.

goop x Lacoste might seem like a left-field pairing, but the explosion of the wellness sector has fueled increasing crossover between health and fashion. A few recent examples: Gucci x Oura, Casablanca x Erewhon, and Victor Glemaud x Fitbit.

As wholly ridiculous as goop is, its team-up with Lacoste kind of… makes sense? Granted, the bar is pretty low — as long as Paltrow isn’t hawking vaginal steaming or fake diapers, we’ll take it.

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