Take a Masterclass in Layering Before Winter Sets in


Every year we stress the importance of layering as we move into the colder months. Not only does it allow you to stack your favorite pieces and play with your silhouettes, but it’s also a useful way to fight the elements during fall and winter.

But, while more layers mean better shapes and more warmth, they also mean that there are more ways to go wrong. That’s why we’ve linked up with Harvey Nichols for a layering masterclass.

Everyone’s tactics and wardrobes are different, though, so we can’t teach a layering masterclass without making some generalizations. As such, we’ve rounded up 10 pieces that apply to all layering situations. From sweatshirts through to various vests and overshirts, consider these the foundational building blocks to a good, layered fit for fall and winter.

Get the top tips for layering in fall and winter below.

Base Layers

Cherwell Jumper
Intarsia Jumper

Your layering begins with a base layer, so make sure that it’s a strong one. We’re not talking about tees, though, we consider your sweater as your starting point. Opting for a bold base layer is a good way to bring some colorful fun into your fit and it allows you to keep things toned down in your mid and top layers.

Mid Layers

Astral Jumper
Logo Sweatshirt
Logo Sweatshirt
N°237 Jim Shirt

We love a mid layer because there’s such a wide range of possibilities when it comes to styling. Mid layers are the real stars of layering, too, providing a lot of insulation. From a heavyweight knit by OAMC to classic hoodies from MKI and AMI, as well as a fine cashmere layer from Extreme Cashmere, our selection proves that mid layers come in all forms.

Top Layers

Wilas Overshirt
Faux Shearling Gilet
Sumido Gilet

When it comes to layering, your top layer arguably sets the tone for your full fit. It’s the first layer we see, and although we know not to judge a book by its cover, it certainly has to give the best first impression. NN07’s Wilas Overshirt is a thin top layer to work in harmony with your mid layers, while AMBUSH and 2 Moncler 1952 offer thicker, insulated protection.

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